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Huntley and Palmer Chocolate Olivers

Said to be the best chocolate biscuit in the world 200g

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Product information

  • 200grams
  • Probably the most exclusive biscuit in the world and, reputedly, the favourite of the late Queen Mother and John Lennon.
  • A delicate slow-baked biscuit, generously enrobed with rich dark chocolate and presented in a fine tin; a must-have item in all the best households. One of the world’s most famous companies during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has made its reappearance after an absence of 15 years. Huntley & Palmers was founded in 1822 and, during the next 150 years, came to be “The Most Famous Biscuit Company in the World.”  As global trade and travel expanded during the industrial revolution and Britain developed the largest Empire the world had ever known, so did this famous company grow, until it became world-renowned for being “Number One in Biscuits and Second-to-None in Cakes.”


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