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Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial

Locally produced Elderflower Cordial 50cl

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Product information

  • 50cl
  • The delicate taste of hand-picked elderflowers perfectly captures the essence of lazy summer days in the Cotswolds. Simply dilute with iced water or try adding to Champagne for an extra twist.
  • Crafted by a team of experienced winemakers, Bottlegreen cordials contain only the finest natural ingredients. These are blended together with Cotswold spring water to produce sophisticated and often unique flavours that set them apart.
  • Unlike most cordials on the market, Bottlegreen contain no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.
  • It’s worth noting that all these cordials have an intense flavour, so that you only need 1 part cordial to 12 parts water. The Bottlegreen cordial range not only tastes great when diluted with still or sparkling spring water, it can also add extra zest to cocktails, punches and spritzers.


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